Increasing Fitness

Quarantine could have affected you in different ways. You either got the body and strength of your dreams or you got hit hard and got in worse shape than you were before you had to isolate yourself from the population. We are teenagers we went from living an active lifestyle to a completely sedentary lifestyle in a box filled with snacks and sugary drinks. 

If you are reading this and do not have access to a gym then do worry anymore because getting fit is so simple, maybe one of the most simple things in the world. This first part will be on how to develop a solid workout routine to get you in the best shape of your life. The second part will be an example routine to follow 

Now there are some people that seem to think fitness is optional, and having that mindset will really affect you because you only have one body, so don’t waste it by just sitting on the couch doing nothing. If you continue to live a bad lifestyle you may face heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, a weak immune system, low testosterone, depression, and low energy,. If you choose to live an active lifestyle benefits include lower body fat, stronger muscles, a healthier brain, a stronger cardiovascular system, a better mental state, more confidence, and reduced chances of getting Alzheimer’s.  

There is a percentage of people who spend years in quarantine. They train like warriors preparing for battle because every day can be there last if they aren’t in peak physical condition. They are prisoners and they will be our guides for these workouts. 

If you ever looked up a prison workout on youtube you would see that there are a few select exercises that prisoners tend to cycle throughout the day.  Those exercises transform them into incredible shape even with the bad diet they are fed. 

The main exercises that the inmates do are pushups, situps, squats, chin-ups, and burpees. Although there is a certain way that they will perform those exercises that speed up their results. 

4 years ago a family friend told me how he got into such great shape. He said the reps that you should perform should be high reps with a short rest period or example you perform 25 pushups, rest 5 seconds, then perform another 25 reps. Doing that type of training will trigger sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, meaning it increases the volume of fluid in your muscles. This is the way bodybuilders typically train; it increases muscle much better than lifting heavy for most people. 


 The first benefit of calisthenics is the activation of stabilizing muscles. You activate your stabilizing muscles much more doing calisthenics than weight training. Having an increase in these mini muscles will make you much safer. They will prevent injuries to the joints when they are strong. If you are an athlete these are a must, plus it will make you look more ripped and a lower body fat percentage. 

The second benefit is you get a new form of strength. Not only does your muscular endurance increase, but regular strength also increases at the same time. The third benefit is you can do it anywhere. Some days you won’t be able to do a workout at the gym. Maybe you’re on a trip and you do not have access to a real gym but you always have access to a free supply of gravity so that means you can do it anywhere. Along with calisthenics, you will need a fun source of cardio it could be jogging, jump rope, cycling, sprinting, etc. 

You don’t need a fancy gym to get into the body of your dreams all you need is a strong will to transform yourself.