Staying Busy in the Cold

Kylie Harmala, Writer

Winter is approaching and West Bloomfield High School students are excited to embrace the cold season. If you’re dreading the coming winter and struggling to think of fun things to do with your family or friends hopefully, some of these West Bloomfield students can help give you some ideas. 

West Bloomfield has some amazing places to spend your winter at, from skiing and snowboarding to sledding. Some of these include Alpine Valley (White Lake, Michigan), Pine Knob (Clarkston, Michigan), Mt Holly (Holly, Michigan), and Mt Brighton (Brighton, Michigan). Here, there are great hills for those learning to ski or snowboard for the first time, day trips with family/friends, and hills for more advanced skiers and snowboarders. West Bloomfield student Chloe Bogosian says her favorite winter activity is skiing and she loves spending time with her friend’s skiing. Another student, Sydney Vagg also spends her winters outside alongside her friends and family.

“I love snowboarding with family and friends at Alpine Valley and am looking forward to that this year because it is a fun activity that is safe during COVID.” 

If you aren’t sure skiing and snowboarding are for you Marshbank Park (Hiller Road, West Bloomfield Township) sets up a fence around the hill of the center of the park every year for sledding. At the bottom of the sledding hill, is a big field great for building snowmen or having snowball fights with friends and family. 

If the cold, snowy weather isn’t for you, there are still some ways to spend some quality time with your family indoors. West Bloomfield student Anna Gorczyk says,

“Every year my mom puts on a hallmark movie and we do puzzles.”

Staying inside this winter is additionally a great time to explore new holiday baking recipes. “The Food Network” website has a lot of holiday baking recipes on their website. Some of the recipes included are for holiday sugar cookies, gingerbread, red velvet cake, apple pie, and other festive themed desserts. (

Finding ways to keep busy in the winter may feel more complicated than the summer. With COVID heavily dictating how safe it is to congregate with friends and family indoors, it may take a bit of creativity to find alternate ways to spend quality time together, but it isn’t impossible.