MIFA-The Lottery

Jack Turpen

A lot of things have been canceled due to the pandemic. Because school is completely virtual after school activities have all been canceled. But, clubs and activities are still finding different ways to maintain a season. MIFA is the perfect example of a competition based activity that has adapted to the virtual setting. For those who don’t know, MIFA stands for the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association. It is a statewide theatre competition that has schools put together different shows. The play has to fit within the regulations provided by MIFA, which is what makes it so different from normal theatre. Making this happen in the online format was going to be difficult, but the West Bloomfield High School MIFA Company still found a way.

This year, the company will be performing The Lottery. A story about a small town that holds a lottery each year, that is unclear to the audience what for. The town’s people struggle with their ideas of maintaining tradition and keeping this tradition alive over zoom. That’s right, they have to hold the lottery over zoom. It’s an amazing show that everyone is very excited to put together. 

Senior costume head, Chloe Bowyer, was asked her opinions on virtual MIFA.

“I obviously wish we were able to have the show in person, but I am still glad we are able to have something to do.” 

When asked if things were more difficult, she responded by saying “it was really difficult to be in tech virtually just because there wasn’t a lot for us to do. It was all reliant on what the actors had at their houses, which was quite stressful. Especially for costumes, we had to rely on what they had at home.”

The company has been hard at work preparing for their first competition. They have to record their show, no cuts, no edits, and send it in to the judges. Although everyone makes it past districts, it’s the perfect test drive to see how their show will be received. From there, they can make adjustments in preparation for regionals. Regionals determine who will make it to the statewide competition. 

Last year, WB’s MIFA company came in 3rd place at the State Festival. They placed within the top 3 at the state level for the first time in years, making the team super excited and overjoyed. They hope to do the same this year, though it will be challenging in a new setting. The Lottery prepares to take off, virtually, to the district competition on Saturday, January 23rd.