WBHS Democratic Club

Jack Turpen

Though the pandemic has caused the cancellation of many clubs, it has also caused quite a few virtual clubs to start. One of which is the WBHS Democratic Club. It is so important for teenagers to get involved in politics. The WB Dems Club is such a great way to inspire students to do so. It is the perfect club to hold virtually. They hold meetings every other week over zoom and discuss as a group what is going on in the current political climate. 

Everybody is welcome to join. Students don’t have to belong to any specific party to attend a meeting to discuss or observe and listen. The best part is that joining isn’t strictly binding. Meaning, students can go to meetings that pertain to them or meetings they are available for, it isn’t required to attend every single meeting. 

The club was started by seniors Rave Andrews, Abby Rose, Peyton Capalungan, Maddy Kosh, and Jada Lee. They are all members of the first executive board for the club. They started the club to provide an open space for people to express their thoughts and concerns about political issues. The club is affiliated with the Michigan High School Democrats of America, of which President, Rave Andrews, is on the board.

Vice President, Abby Rose, worked for the Michigan Democrats One Campaign. She spent her time making calls encouraging people to vote. She also trained other volunteers working for the campaign to make said calls. Rose was very excited to talk about the Club she helped start at WB.

“The club allows people to talk about politics and current events in an open space, free of judgment. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their party affiliation. We were super satisfied with how many people have been showing up to meetings and we encourage more people to come express their opinions.”

Rose further discussed the importance of the no party affiliation point. It is very important to know that everyone is welcome to discuss what they feel is important. People may respectfully disagree, but the beauty of the club is that members are doing so in a safe environment. If WB students are interested in joining, they can follow their Instagram, @wbdems, and join their google classroom by getting the code off of said Instagram. The google classroom has the zoom link as well as more information about future meetings.