Super Bowl 55

Alyssa Snead


60% of surveyed students want the Buccaneers to win while 40% of surveyed students want the Chiefs to win


     Super Bowl 55 is this Sunday, February 7th, 2021. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are playing against the Kansas City Chiefs. Tampa Bay led by quarterback Tom Brady and Kansas City led by quarterback Patrick Mahomes will face off at the big game . 

     Super Bowl celebrations will look different this year because of COVID. Instead of having big parties with family and friends all in one room watching the game, they may have to stay at their own home. Everyone is handling the situation differently, like some of our West Bloomfield families. 

     “This year I am only having a few people over,” said Latrell Massey, junior at WBHS. “Normally my family has a big party but we are trying to take precautions.”

     Not everyone who watches the big game watches for football itself. Many people watch just for the new commercials and the halftime show. This year the halftime show will be a performance from The Weeknd. Some fan favorite commercials include Doritos, Snickers, and Mountain Dew. 

     “I like the Doritos commercials,”said Drew Smith, junior at WBHS. “The ‘When Pigs Fly’ one is my favorite.”

     Besides the game and the commercials one thing people look forward to is all of the snacks. Super Bowl food, such as buffalo chicken dip, sliders, pizza, and chicken wings are fan favorites. Some people have their own traditions with what they make.

     “I love making snacks for the Super Bowl,” said Raschel Snead, teacher in West Bloomfield District. “My favorites to make every year are chili cheese dip and ham with cheese sliders.”

    Rooting for the best team, watching commercials, and enjoying food are all a part of Super Bowl Sunday. However you are celebrating this year, stay safe and have fun.