Permanent Return to Learn


Alyssa Snead

     The return to learn school plan has been in place for all WB school buildings since January 28th. Our hybrid plan consists of students having in person learning for half of the day, having asynchronous work the other half of the day, and full asynchronous learning on Wednesday. It has been decided, by the West Bloomfield school board, that the district needed a plan that will be permanent for the rest of the year. To get others’ opinions, the board sent out surveys to teachers, parents, and  high school students. In the beginning students didn’t have a say in the survey. This made many students upset because the students are the people who have to follow the plan. The board then sent out the survey to WB highschool students and the high schoolers started voicing their opinions. The survey consisted of 3 possible plans that could remain in place for the rest of the year. The first plan consisted of having 5 hour days. The second plan was to stay with what is happening now. The third plan was to go back to school full time. The survey sent parents and students into really questioning what would most benefit the students’ future. As of February 18th, the official plan was put in place, the WB students will continue in the return to learn plan that has been in place since January 28th.

     Students and staff members have mixed feelings about the plan now that it will be permanent.

     “I don’t like this plan,” said Latrell Massey, junior at LOHS. “I miss a lot of class because I forget I have work after my lunch break.”

     “I like our school plan because it gives us enough space to social distance in classrooms with the two cohorts,” said Kylie Harmala, sophomore at WBHS. “Especially since it keeps the hallways less crowded and gives me time to safely meet with teachers in-person for questions.”