Winterfest Week On the Way!


Ava Bell

Winterfest is back at WBHS! This year’s competition of the grades starts Monday, March 22 and lasts until Friday, March 26. While the week will look a little different than previous years, Student Leadership is still hoping for everyone to have a fun and exciting week. 

“This year with COVID Winterfest had to change a little, with the events and games, but we’re hopeful that everyone will love the week and have lots of fun!” Student Leadership Vice President Audrey Gunawan comments. 

Something special about this year’s Winterfest is that the week has a theme: Laker Nation vs COVID. All activities, events, and games will have this theme incorporated into them. Many aspects of Winterfest will remain the same this year including class council banner and window painting, Survivor, dress-up days, Winterfest Wishes, and Winterfest Court. 

Starting next week, class councils will begin painting their windows and banners.  Decorations will also begin to be put up around the school, along with many fliers advertising the many events of the week. 

Student Leadership and administration decided it would be safest for students not to be involved with those activities and to focus on events where students could be more socially distanced. 

“It’s sad that we can’t have big Winterfest events this year, but we have to do what’s safest for the school,” Student Leadership Logistics Chair Ava Schulz commented. 

To keep updated on all things Winterfest, check your student email often! All information will be sent to students the Friday before Winterfest. You can also check the Student Leadership Instagram at @wbhs.leadership and the Student Leadership Twitter @WBHSLeadership