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Kayla Gailliard

It’s been over two years since viewers have seen the first release of the thrilling Netflix series, ‘You’, that follows the life of Joe Goldberg – an obsessive, murderous psychopath who becomes infatuated with his female conquests and goes to extreme measures to input himself into their lives. 

Earlier this year was the official announcement of season 3. What can viewers expect from this new season? Was it worth it to keep the story going based on what we’ve already seen? It’s all up in the air. 

The series has received much uproar and attention from its initial premiere and many viewers who’ve followed the story up until now have become obsessed with the main character, Joe, and his warped mind.

But what is it that draws the people in?

What is it that is so captivating about him?

Maybe it’s how he justifies his manic moves by twisted motives. How he claims everything he does is for his lovers and for their good, when in reality, that is far from the case. He has an extreme infatuation that he shows for his love interests like Beck, who we see in season 1 and Love, from season 2. Anyone he sees as a threat to his relationships with these women, he kills. What makes it worse is that it’s not a sudden, impulsive horrific act he commits. Instead for him, killing these “threats” takes planning. It’s premeditated, which only brings out his psychotic behavior even more. 

Post release of ‘You’, as of October 21st, 2021 it currently ranks #1 in Top 10 in the U.S. Many people have been anticipating this release, and now that it’s out, the hype is real.

Now that Joe and Love have a new responsibility of a baby on their hands and are in a new town, it makes the story more interesting seeing how they will move on from the past and start new in their life, or if they will continue inhabiting the same behaviors and falling into old, toxic patterns.

Senior, Riley Mehall is a true fan of the series, as she has binged all seasons. When season one first came out, she really began to like the character Beck, who was Joe’s first love interest the season follows, commenting,

“She was so pretty and seemed put together, but really she had struggles too, so I liked how relatable that was.”

Recently, she began watching watching the third season on the day of its release. Finishing it in four days, she says,

“Season three was better than I thought in some ways and a little underwhelming in other ways.”

When asked about her feelings on another season, she likes the idea saying,

“It is definitely worth it, it’s really fun to follow the characters’ lives.”

She also added, “I would recommend it to a friend unless they would hate the concept of the show.”

Netflix has not stopped their efforts to continue to please their viewers of ‘You’, as they have already made the announcement of a season 4. In a video recapping clips from every season thus far, they’ve come up with ‘4 You’. Although no dates have been released pertaining the fourth season, with the certainty that it’s happening is enough to keep people on their toes. With all of the attention the show has gotten, it for sure will draw in new viewers, getting them hooked on the captivating plot the show follows. 

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