Welcome to National Honor Society

Kylie Harmala, Writer

On Thursday, October 14th, the acceptance emails for West Bloomfield’s National Honor Society were sent out to students with congratulations and information on the upcoming schedule. From Junior Natalie Jablonski,

“I was excited when I got the email because I was super nervous waiting to see if I had gotten in yet. It was rewarding to see that keeping my grades up has started to pay off.”

For students that received their acceptance letter from Ms. Dutton, the teacher sponsor for NHS, you should make sure to read the email carefully. It includes several instructions that you need to follow to be mentioned in the induction or graduation ceremony and a link to a canvas page that needs to be joined. From the NHS welcome email written by Ms. Dutton,

NHS has worked hard to bring the accomplishments of outstanding students to the attention of parents, teachers, peers, and the community.”

After joining the canvas page, in the modules section, there will be a google sheet with a page for juniors and for seniors. Your name needs to be written here in order to be included in the induction and graduation ceremony and to participate in the upcoming meetings. There is also time limit to when you can put your name on the list so, double check that your name is in the correct spot on the assigned google sheet.

The first meeting was this week on October 26th at 6:45 am in the auditorium. Following this week’s meeting, every other one will be held on the third Tuesday of each month at the same time. (11/16, 12/14, 1/18, 2/15, and 3/15)

At the meeting on October 26th, volunteer opportunities were discussed that members should utilize to meet their required hours. Ms. Dutton and the board members of NHS recommended joining the WBHS red cross club, the library, helping out in elementary classrooms, starting a non-profit or joining one, soup kitchens, or participating in school events. 

After exploring the canvas page you will also notice a volunteer sign up where you should list school subjects that you are strong in and would be able to tutor other students who are struggling in that subject. This will help you build up to your required 10 volunteer hours that will be due sometime later in the school year and allow teachers and parents of struggling students to reach out for tutoring help.

“I put my name on the list right away so I could stay on top of the volunteer hours I need,” Jablonski said, “I don’t want to get behind and worry about being taken out of NHS and I love having the opportunity to help out around my school and community.”