November: National Gratitude Month


credits: Morgan Harper Nichols

Kayla Gailliard

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘gratitude’? 

Do you think of thankfulness?  




Are these feelings you inhabit by the acts of others and do you reciprocate those feelings?

Well, the month of November is all about doing just that.

November is national gratitude month – a month in which we slow down and take the time to see the goodness throughout our lives. For a slight background, National Gratitude Month was announced officially for the month of November back in 2015, when author, Stacey Grewal advocated for it. It has become a month where everyday is Thanksgiving. 

The power of displaying gratitude can have a great impact on people’s lives, as well as having gratitude in your own life. 

But how can you go out, displaying and retaining gratitude during this month?  There are many typical, everyday activities and exercises you can do to show thankfulness. 

  •  Doing without expectations of receiving

Sometimes we do things for other people just to try and receive something in return. But what if we did for others to simply think of others more than ourselves and not expect to gain anything or receive something in return. Paying for the person’s order behind you at a drive thru, letting someone get ahead of you in a line, or doing for someone who doesn’t deserve it. Doing these things shows a sense of selflessness and a type of kindness you don’t always see nowadays. 

More ways to give freely

  • Listen

While this might seem like something so generic, when people have a lot going on, sometimes they just want someone to genuinely listen. Not giving advice or putting in their two cents, simply listening. This shows that you care about that person, so much to just sit with them in their hard times and be present with them, listening to what they have to say.

For further help to becoming a better listener

  • Appreciate the little things 

When focusing so much on the things that aren’t working out in life, you miss those moments to appreciate the good in life. There are many little things that happen to you or around you that can spring little wells of joy within us that go unrecognized or get overlooked. Maybe it’s seeing the stellar cotton candy skies early in the morning or evening. Maybe it’s receiving a compliment from a random stranger, hearing your favorite song play, or receiving an encouraging text from a close person. Maybe it’s the fact you woke up today, that you’re in good health, that you’ve been provided everything you need and more.

Small things to be happy for

  • Be present 

There are times when you’re looking forward to something ahead and you completely loose touch of what’s happening in the moment. Or maybe you’re waiting too much for something to end that you don’t appreciate the moment right in front of you. Sometimes, one of the biggest acts of gratitude to display is simply being present. When you engage in a moment, it shows your appreciation for time itself.

How to be present

These are just some of many things you can do to enhance your overall gratitude.

Having a month of gratitude that surrounds the importance of showing thankfulness and appreciation is good. However, these things shouldn’t be confined or limited to one month of the year. Displaying kind acts that show gratitude should be something done at all times, whenever possible. 

How do you show gratitude in your life?

Let us know in the comments down below!