Humans of Laker Nation: Shyanne Taylor


Bright student Shyanne Taylor who attends West Bloomfield High School.

Zaneiya Batiste

Q: What is your name and what grade are you in?A: “I’m Shyanne Taylor and I’m a Senior.”

Q: So what clubs or activities do you attend at West Bloomfield High school?A: “I take part in the National Honors Society, the AAA, and Varsity Girls basketball team.”

Shyanne in action at practice playing basketball.

Q: How has the basketball program at West Bloomfield helped you improve as a person or improvein life?A: “It has helped me make life-long friends with teammates and coaches. It has provided me withmentors who have helped shape the kind of person I am. It has given me opportunities to get toknow people I probably would have never had the chance to meet. I met my best friend throughbasketball. It also has helped me improve my communication skills. If I am feeling stressed oroverwhelmed I have to hoop because it is a way I clear my mind. If it wasn’t for Basketball Ihonestly don’t know where I would. I would probably be weird.”

Shyanne has made many connections throughout her high school career from participating with the basketball team.

Q: So you’re a senior and graduating… After high school what do you see yourself doing or what do you plan on doing?A: “After high school, I see myself at Clark Atlanta University obtaining my business administrationdegrees in hopes of becoming an entrepreneur one day.”