Humans of Laker Nation: Ava Lord


Lord enjoying time with her phone.

Victoria Beardsley

Q: What is your favorite memory of WBHS?A: “Hanging out with my friends after school and getting to play sports with them right after.”
Q: What is your least favorite?A: “The hour-long classes, like over an hour-long class, they get really boring basically.”
Q: What was your first day of 9th grade like?A: It was fun, it was a big change, I got to meet new people.”
Q: What makes you smile?A: “Sports, food, my phone.”
Q: What is your favorite activity?A: “Basketball, sleeping that is a very- that’s my favorite activity every like I love sleeping”


Lord avoided the other team on the way to score.
Lord shooting the last shot of the game.
Q: What was your favorite moment with your friends?A: “Going on road trips with them. I just went to CedarPoint with them over the summer.”
Q: What would you say to people just starting out at WBHS?A: “It’s gonna be a big change to probably, like, realize. You’re probably gonna have to change around things but overall just keep pushing through it, and you’ll get it, you got it.”
Q: What was the scariest moment of your life?A: “The water slide that pushes you down. I got water up my nose, I thought I was gonna die.”
Q: What is your next step going forward?A: “I’m not sure yet I really don’t have anything in mind, I mean, I have stuff in mind but I don’t really know yet.”
Q: What is your biggest regret?A: “I say, being lazy around the house because now I’m lazier and I can’t really do stuff cause I’m usually just tired or bored.”
Q: Who do you look up to, why?A: “My mom because she’s a great role model, and she’s really amazing and she helps out and she’s really nice and kind.”
Q: What was your biggest learning experience? Anything that changed the way you look atthings?A: “Learning about mental health because it shows that people can go through stuff that you don’t even know so you have to check up on people from time to time.”