Humans of Laker Nation: Brooklyn France


Sydney Brown

Q: What clubs do you participate in at WBHS?A: “So far, I’m in AAA, Sisters in Society, and I plan on joining the fashion club.”
Q: So what is your favorite memory of West Bloomfield High School?A: “My favorite memory is probably going to be my freshman year for the pep rally for the winter pep rally that was fun or just hanging out with my friends.”
Q: What is your least favorite memory of WBHS?A: “I probably would say the third week of school or fourth and it was because basically, everything was just so different and stricter because of Covid-19 protocols.”
Q: What makes you smile?A: “Just being either with my friends and family or just you know, taking some time to myself to just do things to make me happy and stuff.”
Q: What is your favorite activity that is not school-related?A: “Well, I like to draw. I draw in my free time and I just draw different stuff like people in clothes and stuff like that.”
Q: What would you say to people just starting out at West Bloomfield High School?A: “I would tell them like, don’t think you’re too cool to do stuff and like just have fun. Like, you don’t have to try to be “Oh, I’m not gonna do this because others aren’t” or “I don’t want to do this,” just have fun. It’s not that serious. Also, focus on your grades!”
Q: What is your next step going forward after high school?
A: “So I plan to start applying for more colleges I know for scholarships and stuff like that.
I want to go to HBCU. My two choices will probably be either Clark Atlanta because I want to move to Georgia. Or FAMU.”