Humans of Laker Nation: J’miyah Craighead


Milan Coleman

Q: What is your name?

A: “My name is J’miyah Craighead.”


Q: How long have you been going to school here?

A: “One and a half years, my freshman year and I’m in my sophomore year.”

Q: What’s your favorite memory of going to school here?

A: “Um, I’m gonna say homecoming because it was the first time I ever went and it was fun.”


Q: So what’s your least favorite memory?

A: “My least favorite memory would probably be the pep rally because it was very hot. And it wasn’t very exciting.”


Q: How would you describe your online experience?

A: “Horrible, absolutely horrible. My grades were terrible. Well, I didn’t do any of my assignments because they were online and nobody was checking so I didn’t feel like I had to do it.”


Q: Okay. If you had to go back, would you do it?

A: “No. Never. It was a terrible experience and it ruined my work habits.”


Q: Well, do you like that we’re back in person?

A: “Yeah.”


Q: Why?

A: “Because I can focus more and actually be motivated to get stuff done.”

Q: Do you find it easier or harder to make friends online or in person?

A: “In person. Obviously, because online you don’t even talk to each other and no one has their camera on.”


Q: What advice do you have for incoming freshmen?

A: “I would say to make sure you get all your work done and don’t fall behind. Because if you fall behind you know your grades will be terrible.”