Humans of Laker Nation: Nick Prenkocaj


Dru Burke

Q: Can you define happiness?

A: “I don’t know, like feeling good?”


Q: Can you elaborate?

A: Happiness is like being happy, feeling good, not in a bad mood, not being depressed.”


Q: Do you have a story that defines your character?

A: “I got kicked out of the Holocaust Museum when I was in 7th grade. Because some of my friends were

saying bad things about the Holocaust Museum and I was like dying laughing, I don’t tend to take many things too seriously.”


Q: What do you put into account when making a decision?

A: “Is it going to hurt me now or is it going to hurt me later or if it is going to affect anybody else. Really, I don’t really make a decision if it doesn’t have the potential to like do something for me in the future.


Q: Why do you think you are the way you are?

A: “I was raised by my mom and she’s a tough cookie and she [doesn’t] really take anything from anybody so I get that from her you know, I’m a lot like her.”


Q: You said that she’s a tough cookie, why is that important?

A: Every memory I have of her is like her not taking anything from anybody, especially for a five foot two very small woman, she was tough, not taking anything from anybody.”