Humans of Laker Nation: Vv Lessing


Vv stands outside the auditorium where she performs.

Colton Thomas

Q: “Let’s talk about the theatre department. So when you started as a freshman, when did you become part of the theatre department?”

A: “So I started freshman year and was going to audition for Macbeth. Which was the fall play my 

freshman year. But then I learned that apparently one of the rehearsal days was on Halloween, so then I didn’t. And that is actually the biggest regret of my life that I didn’t audition for that because then I could’ve been part of the original 5 people that are in it now. But anyway, so I wasn’t in the Fall play my freshman year but I was in the spring musical, which was Legally Blonde and that was wild. The musical is definitely a really interesting place to start because it is so intense and there is a lot going on. But, it was immediate, our first rehearsal I had people coming up to me and like, saying hi. Like one of my best friends now, he came up to me and was like hey you wanna be friends and I was like sure. And he helped me kinda go through the whole year. But I think I actually became part of the department during initiation opening night, because that was when I was like, wow this is happening. This is like I am part of the department now.”


Q: “Now, when you became part of the department, did it feel like you were part of a family or just friends?”

A: “Yes, they are definitely part of my family. And, they are my favorite family. I have my biological family and then I have my theatre family, and now especially because I am a senior. Because when I joined my freshman year it was me and then it was the seniors. But I wasn’t friends with the seniors because they were scary and I didn’t know them. But now there is like no one that I don’t know in the department except for like the new people. But like now it’s like I get to be those people, but I want to make sure no one feels like how I did my freshman year. I feel like a part of a family with these people, you’re even part of my family.”

Vv hangs up the clock she made for the Radium Girls fall play.

Q: “Yes, of course, we are, everyone there is family. I already feel like I am part of it and it’s my first year in the department. Now would you say, I wasn’t able to do it because it was COVID in my freshman year? But would you say that is going to hinder my experience as a part of the theatre department?”

A: “Yes, yes it will. I think what is going to happen now is you’re going to do this play and you’re going to fall in love with it and then you’re only going to have 2 more years of doing it. And again that was my biggest regret, only doing the spring musical my freshman year. And now, like because of COVID, I couldn’t do all the stuff I wanted. Not to brag but we’re really good at making people feel welcome and I could be wrong but I don’t know.”

Vv on the set for Radium Girls.

Q: “You guys do an amazing job, don’t worry. I already feel welcome. But I am now just wondering, what shows did you do because of COVID? I just thought about it, you didn’t do Macbeth and you started with the spring musical. Then COVID hit that year right?”

A: “Yes, so my freshman year was Macbeth, She Kills Monsters, Diary of Anne Frank for kid’s show, no it was a MIFA show. I don’t know what the kid’s show was that year, but anyways we then did Legally Blonde. Then my sophomore year was the year that I really became part of the department. So that was Murder in the Knife Room and then Rapunzel for kids show. Uridercy for MIFA and then we had Footloose for the musical. So I auditioned and we did everything, got halfway into production and then COVID hit. And so then we weren’t able to do the show. That was pretty sad because I actually learned this pretty intense dance and then we weren’t able to do it. So that was sad. But then, my Junior year, which was all online. We didn’t do anything but MIFA that year so that was The Lottery in which the show sucked but it was fun and nice to see new people. Cause I remember the first meeting we had and I was overwhelmed with happiness because I got to see all the people I love and do all the traditions that we usually do, just a little bit modified. Yeah, it kinda sucked not being able to do all those shows because it is my last year and it kinda just dawned on me and I’ll be sad because I will have to leave.”


Q: “Everyone from the last few years feels that way. You don’t know what you have until it is over. Now, do you have anything to say to those who are thinking about the theatre department?”

A: “Try it, try it. Those are my final words. Just jump in. Just do it, if you don’t like it you’re with people that you like.”