Humans of Laker Nation: Soren Olsen


Soren is in their costume for Radium Girls.

Colton Thomas

Q: “So Soren, in the past you have told me that you have come from a different district from another state. So my first question is, what was it like there and how was it different from West Bloomfield. Do you like it here better or did you like it there better?” 

A: “I mean the school I went to before, it was a 7th grade to 12th-grade school. But I was there since 7th grade. I had a very small group of friends. Literally, everyone knew everyone else and that was because there were only 500 of us in total in the whole campus. It was alright, the classes were really difficult because it was 4 classes a day, the same classes, everyday. So that was great. Ok, so if it comes to experience, I do like it there better because it is more familiar. But I do like the number of classes I can take here better because there are more options. In my senior year there I would have to take 2, 3 AP classes and then like whatever the hell they wanted to put me in because I had already taken all that I could there. I didn’t have any arts or theatres there so I would be put in sciences and stuff. But yeah, for when it comes to experience it’s here and for familiarity, it would be there.”

Soren prepares for Radium Girls fall play.

Q: “So you also told me that the people there were pretty tight-knit. Everyone knew each other there. You also told me that there was some bullying that happened at that school at one point? Only say it if you feel comfortable sharing.”

A: “Yeah um, so I know that this is going to be posted so I won’t go into detail here. But yes, there was bullying in 7th and 8th grade and I won’t say what they did, or what it caused. But, the school shut it down immediately. My school didn’t expel people they ask you kindly to leave, which is kinda dumb. It was mainly so they could say, ‘we don’t expel people here’. Which isn’t right. So it wouldn’t be on her record even though it should.”


Q: “Now would you say that the discipline here is better than the discipline at your old school?”

A: “Well, I’m not sure because I haven’t experienced bullying here. I haven’t been to the disciplinary people, so I don’t know.”


Q: “So would you say the integrity of the students here at the school is much better? Such as people are nicer here and don’t hurt people a lot.”

A: “Not from what I’ve seen, I’ve seen quite a bit. But, I have only been here for like a year. Less than that, only a few months. But, from what I’ve heard it’s much better here. Less hush hush, where there it was under the radar of how people were disciplined and stuff.”

Soren stands on the set for Radium Girls opening night.

Q: “Now do you wish you were always at this school?”

A: “I am perfectly fine with how things played out. Like I am perfectly fine that I am here for my senior year. But I am a little disappointed that I wasn’t here because of the theatre program. My old school didn’t have this at all. But, yeah I am perfectly fine with the way things played out. And since I was there for 5, 6 years and how I was taught. It was much easier to transfer to a new school like this. ”


Q: “Now obviously you’re a senior and are going to college soon. Are you afraid for that and are you afraid you’re going to lose theatre in your life?”

A: “Hell no! I’m not afraid I am going to lose it. I mean I’m definitely going to try, I’m going into film and TV production. So, if I can’t take theatre at all in college. I’m definitely going to find an outside source because it’s definitely a passion of mine. Now, I wouldn’t do it for a living because that is a very different way to live. But, if I could, if I was capable of doing that. I would.”