Humans of Laker Nation: Jake Giannetti


Geoffrey Giannetti

Q: Who is your idol?

A: “I would have to say that my idol is probably my dad. I would say that because he’s just been around and teaching me most of the things that I know. I kinda wanna be like him when I grow up.”


Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A: “I can see myself going to college, and being a good person. Maybe having a nice job, and hanging out with my friends a lot. And probably get into a good college. Maybe one that’s close enough for me to stay home, or move into a dorm for one. I don’t really know. I haven’t decided all of that stuff yet.”

Q: What is your ultimate goal?

A: “My ultimate goal in life is probably just to have fun. And, you know, spend a lot of time with my friends and family. Maybe do a couple of stupid things. I just wanna make the most of my time here and go have some fun while I still can.”


Q: How do you plan on reaching that goal?

A: “I plan on reaching that goal by going to school and getting a good education, getting a good job, but still while I’m able to hang out with all of my friends. I also obviously wanna be a good person.”


Q: What is something that defines who you are?

A: “There are two things that come to mind, actually. Probably my Xbox and my dirtbike. They’re just super fun to use and I have some of my best memories with my friends on these. All of my friends love riding and Xbox, so I really like to just do that with them.”