Humans of Laker Nation: Morgan Hough


Layah Johnson-Savage

Q: What is your favorite memory of WBHS?

A: “My favorite memory of high school was taking yoga class with my friends.”


Q:  What is your least favorite?

A: “My least favorite memory was failing a test. It was biology, and it brought my grade down from like a B to a D plus.”


Q: What was your first day of 9th grade like?

A:  “It was stressful and overwhelming. Being at a larger school and not knowing many people.” 


Q: What makes you smile?

A:  “Money. Money really brings me pure joy. And it makes me very happy.


Q: What is your favorite activity that isn’t school involved?

A: ”My favorite activity is volleyball. It’s my favorite thing to do. Because I love the sport. 

Q: What was your favorite moment with your friends?

A: “My favorite moment with my friends is when we traveled together. Me and my friends have been a few places but the most fun place I went with them was Miami.”


Q: What would you say to people starting at WBHS?   

A: “I would say stay focused and be true to yourself.”


Q: What was the scariest moment of your life?

A: “The scariest moment of my life was probably the first time I almost got into a car crash. I was in the car with my friends and we were playing really loud music on our way to Cedar Point. It was on our way from Cedar Point actually. So it was dark. And we’re on a small two-way road. And a truck had come and changed lanes into our lane trying to get ahead of another car trying to go by them and they swerved into our lane. And they almost hit us. They were going really really really fast like crazy fast. So we had to jerk off the road.” 


Q: What is your next step going forward?

A: “The next step for me moving forward would be to focus on my goals, which are to move out 

of Michigan, build my business and have my own place and start a new life.”


Q: What was your biggest learning experience? How has it changed the way you look at things?

A:  “My biggest learning experience was probably being on my own with a lot of things that you really shouldn’t be alone for. I had to thug it out by myself. So that taught me a lot. And it created a lot of self ambition.”