Humans of Laker Nation: Alex Pranis


Elliot Kruja

Q: What was your first day of high school like?

A: “I don’t remember at all actually, but I remember it being very, very scary. Because, you know, it’s all a new environment, new people, all the old people that you went to school with, but it was very scary since everything changed. Everything was different, that’s what I remember, bringing very high anxiety.”


Q: What was your favorite ninth-grade class?

A: “Mr. Fraylick class because it’s the only class that I remember since he was such a funny teacher. His method of teaching is just not like any other teacher in the school because he makes everything fun.”


Q: How did COVID impact the rest of your school years?

A: “I don’t really remember 10th grade at all because of COVID which kind of sucks so it’s hard to believe that I’m in 11th grade now. I remember little snippets of 10th grade online learning, like how bad the weight training was doing it from my computer. But besides that, I don’t really remember having a 10th grade year.”


Q: What’s the most embarrassing moment in your high school career?

A: “I really haven’t had that much of an embarrassing moment. Because I’m really chill, I’m really quiet if I’m not around people that I’m friends with.”


Q: How did online school at WB go?

A: “Really bad. I nearly failed my geometry class. It was just a really bad experience overall. I hope I never have to do it again.”


Q: What would you say to incoming freshmen?

A: “Everything when it comes to learning the way around the school comes naturally but what you really want to do is find a group of friends and stick with the group of friends. If they’re good, if you know they’re good people because, in high school, everything like anxiety goes up. And sometimes it could be hard to make new friends especially with the online year that we had last year.”


Q: What was your biggest learning experience?

A: “I don’t have a real answer for this because a lot of the stuff that I learned in high school so far, either I don’t remember. Or it’s insignificant stuff to where it doesn’t really matter for the future ahead. But I think the biggest thing I’ve learned overall is just to treat people with kindness.”


Q: Where do you plan on going, moving forward?

A: “I don’t really know. I don’t have a career picked out that I want to do. I don’t really know what college I want to go to. But right now, I’m doing a lot of music stuff. So I hope that takes me far. I play with two jazz bands, one in downtown Detroit. And then the high school jazz band. I’m really enjoying that right now.”