Humans of Laker Nation: Corey Garrison


Corey sitting in class completing a google doc.

Jamar Respress

Q: What is your favorite memory of WBHS?

A: “I’ve had many good moments since attending West Bloomfield. My favorite moment at West Bloomfield was winning a state championship in football. Winning a state championship means a lot to me because I never did anything like it before. It also means a lot because not too many people get to experience what it’s like to win one.”

Q: What is your biggest regret, to date?

A: “My biggest regret is not keeping in contact with my friends from elementary school, they were some of the coolest people I’ve ever met.”

Q: What makes you smile?

A: “Eating cereal in the morning while watching football highlights of some of the greatest players to ever play the game.”

Q: Who do you look up to, why?

A: “I look up to the football player Ray Lewis, MLB from the Baltimore Ravens, because he plays the same position as me and he plays aggressive and with the instincts of an animal.”

Q: What is your next step, going forward?

A: “My next step in life is to go to college and live the life, get the girls, naw I’m just playing a little….I’m going to college to handle business and get ready to start my life in the career field I choose which is undecided at the moment.”

Q: What was your first day of 9th grade like?

A: “My first day of grade nine was so nerve-racking. I remember having sweaty palms the whole morning, and couldn’t even enjoy my big “first day of grade 9” breakfast my mom had made for me. I didn’t know what to think, having no older brothers or sisters that had gone before me. ‘Why did I have to be the oldest in the family,’ I thought to myself. But seeing my friends from middle school calmed my nerves helped me come to realize that I had people there with me to support me through my high school years. Some of those people will always be in my heart.”

Q: How was your junior to senior transformation?

A: “I started with getting my ears pierced. I was fly and good looking it gave me more confidence because I was a little shy. I got a new car and I’m poppin. Life is going good. My grades remain good 3.9gpa it’s just minor upgrades for me but the people see it as something big. I can’t wait to see where college and football takes me in the very new future.”

Q: What type of things do you like?

A: “I like hanging out with friends, going out to eat, and bowling. I go bowling every week with my fitness and we play for money, who gets the most points. I enjoy spending time with my parents doing my best to make them happy. While reaping the rewards and gifts they give me for all the stuff I do.”