Humans of Laker Nation: Alysa Howard

Laiken Connor

“My first day of ninth grade was really nerve-racking just because it’s my first year here so you’re gonna have, you know, nerves. Thank God my older sister was with me. She was a senior at the time. But my first day was pretty good so far. Um, it was just a lot of anxiety because you want to have a good first day and you want to make friends and have classes that are good and everything, but it was a good first day. My favorite memory here was my senior year which is this year. Just because I got to take my class senior pictures. I got to take my class senior group picture. And it was a lot of fun seeing the people that have been around for the past four years. And some of the new people that have transferred and get to, you know, talk to them. So I will say my favorite movie was taking my class picture this year.”“My closest friends I’ve had since eighth grade. I will say, Jh’nae and Solomon are just some of the people that I met in middle school that have been friends with for a really long time. Those are the closest friends that I have. I’m such a people pleaser. And I’ve tried to be friends with everybody and it’s very hard and frustrating when some people don’t want to listen to the life that you tried to give them or certain things like that. So I will say my least favorite memory was losing one of my best friends over me trying to be helpful and trying to you know, not get them in a situation that they didn’t need to be”My favorite class ever has to be either choir or concert choir or full prep one and two. I like to bake a lot of bake and cook a lot. One of my favorite things to bake is cookies or cakes. I make red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. I don’t really have a favorite thing to cook. Choir I’ve always been able to sing basically my whole life, so choir kind of just came easy. Cooking kind of came easy with time and I like to cook when I have free time.”“When my grandma passed a couple of years ago in January before the whole pandemic happened. I was having just a really rough time focusing again, just because I had been out of school for a few days. So I was having a really hard time trying to focus back on schoolwork. Another thing, it would just be random times where I would cry a bit and my counselor and my teachers were really helpful. And they just let me have that time to let it out. I’ll have to say my counselor and my teachers were really helpful.”