Humans of Laker Nation: Natalie Weissman

Laiken Connor

Q: What was your first day of 9th grade like?A: My first day of 9th grade was pretty stressful since I wasn’t really used to the building, and I didn’t really know my way around or any other teachers or anything. It was something new though and I enjoyed getting to be in person again. Because essentially, we were online for a whole year. Q: So far what’s been your favorite memory at WB? A: Just being able to spend time with friends and reconnecting with the people I didn’t talk to in the past year. And my least favorite was having like 5 hours of homework for math.Q: What has been your favorite class and why?A: MY favorite class has probably been French class. I love it because it is just some new and fun. Madam Bishop is very nice and entertaining.Q: What are your favorite activities to do?A: I love to play softball and swim. I love these because I like getting to work with other people and corporate with others.Q: What is one of the nicest things that anybody has ever done for you in our Laker Nation?A: I would say that one of the nicest things would just be making me feel very comfortable and seem like I belong. This was not a specific person, but just the environment here.