Humans of Laker Nation: Maeha Sridharan

Natalie Jablonksi

“My biggest dream is to be a doctor. Probably a gynecologist, who cares a lot about women’s health mainly. Anything from pregnancies to hormonal stuff, which I’ve always found very interesting. I think it’s important that women are able to learn more about their health and more about their own bodies. A gynecologist is a really important part of that.

Maeha is a junior at West Bloomfield High School.

I’ve always been really interested in science and math. Those are my favorite subjects. I really liked chemistry, so I always thought that something that involved science would be a really good field for me. I also really want to help people. It sounds very cliche, but I like the idea of being able to educate women about their bodies and to know more about themselves. I think that’s a really important part of being human and a person in general.

Posing for a photo in the Chemistry Club, Maeha and her friends take home the winning prizes for this week’s meeting.

Realistically, I want to go to the University of Michigan for my undergraduate. It’s a really good college with really good programs, especially for science and math. I’m not really sure about med school yet. Obviously, a big reach would be Johns Hopkins because that’s the number one med school, but really anywhere that suits my needs.


My aunt and her husband are both doctors. I talked to them a lot about certain classes and programs and things that I should do to stay on the right track in the medical field. As a freshman, I took honors Chem and I really found a passion for it. Something just clicked and I was like, ‘I really love this.’ I took AP Chem in sophomore year, and I really enjoyed that. At the moment I’m taking AP Biology and AP BC calculus because math is a very important part of science. I find it really interesting and fun. 

Posing for a photo in the Chemistry Club, Maeha and her friends take home the winning prizes for this week’s meeting.

I’m also in Chemistry Club, and I started a club called Mentoring Medical Minds with one of my friends. We teach younger kids about the medical field and their paths to certain careers. I think that’s really fun. I also did a summer program about mathematical modeling and biology. It was all about math and coding in certain areas of biology like population growth and changes and things like that and I thought it was really cool.”