Humans of Laker Nation: Ben Royzenblat


Trevor Navarre

Q: What’s your favorite childhood memory? 

A: “My favorite childhood memory is when my family and I were in Mexico on vacation, and we were all just kind of there having a good time at a resort. And we were all just relaxing.”


Q: What would be your favorite memory at WBHS?

A: “Oh, you know, there are so many memories here that I have. But I’d say my favorite memory here is when I was eating lunch, this one time with a group of friends. We were all just hanging out in the auditorium and messing around and it was just a good time.” 


Q: What’s your favorite extracurricular activity? 

A: “My favorite extracurricular activity is probably scootering because I can just kind of relieve stress that way. And kind of you know, just go with the flow and it eases stress.” 

Q: When did you start scootering?

A: “I started scootering, well I scooted as a kid because my brother skateboarded and we had some, like small Razor scooters and as I grew older, I started going to the skate park more. And I kind of just grew into a scooter rider, but I started really scootering about four years ago.”


Q: Can you do any cool tricks?

A: “Yeah, I can do some cool tricks. I have a very large library of tricks.”


Q: Who do you look up to in your life, who inspires you?

A: “My brother really inspires me because he is a musician and works a lot in the music industry. Even though he isn’t very famous or popular he has a big impact on the local Detroit sort of jazz area.”


Q: Going forward, what’s your next step? 

A: “My next step is just to get through high school and, and kind of figure out what I’m trying to study or do as a career. kind of figure myself out.”

Q: Do you have any idea of what that career would be?

A: “Ah, yes. The career that I would like to pursue would be something in science.”


Q: What’s something that makes you smile?

A: “Something that makes me smile is when I am enjoying or socializing with friends. And we’re just talking and having a good time.”


Q: What is something that you would say to someone just starting at WBHS?

A: “I would say just kind of go in and kind of stick with your people. Always, always try to find your best people to talk to your kind of sort of, group circle.”