Humans of Laker Nation: Dillon Tatum


Dillion Tatum is a senior and on the varsity football team.

India McGee

Q: What is your favorite memory of WBHS? 

A: “Winning the state championship.”


Q: What is your least favorite memory? 

A: “Losing to Belleville.”


Q: What is your first day of ninth grade like, like what was it like for you?

A: “I didn’t know anyone because I was from a different district so I had to make a lot of new friends.” 


Q: What makes you smile? 

A: “Friends and family.”


Q: What is your least favorite activity, it doesn’t matter if it’s school-related or not?

A: “Doing homework.”


Q: What is your favorite activity? 

A: “Playing sports.”


Q: What was your favorite moment with your friends this year?

A: “Going to Florida with all my friends and spending the days and nights on Miami Beach.” 


Q: What would you say to people just starting at WB?

A: “Just take everything in and make a lot of new friends because you’re gonna remember this for the rest of your life.” 


Q: Do you have a best high school experience story?

A: “Not yet. I’m working on it.” 


Q: What is your scariest moment in life so far?

A: “Probably almost getting in a car accident.”


Q: What is your next step or going forward in your life? 

A: “I graduate after winter break and go to college at Michigan State.”


Q: Do you have a most embarrassing moment? 

A: “Um, I was talking to my family and all of a sudden my patches fell down and they saw my butthole.”

This is a picture of Dillion and his family. He says that he wants to do good in school to make them proud.

Q: What is your biggest regret to date?

A: “Biggest regret is not taking everything in when I was younger and learning new things.” 


Q: Do you have anybody that you look up to and why? 

A: “I look up to both my parents because I feel like they’re very successful in life and they’re raising a really good family I believe. Just take everything from them.”

Dillion doing a football pose.

Q: What is your biggest learning experience and do you think this changed you in any way?

A: “Biggest learning experience is probably going to a seminar where I just learned about life, you know and just be good and don’t make dumb decisions.”