Humans of Laker Nation: Jalen Payne


Dorrin Harold

Q: What’s your name?

A: “My name is Jalen Payne.”


Q: What is your grade?

A: “I’m in the 9th grade.”


Q: What’s your favorite memory in WBSD?

A: “It was getting to see my friends as we couldn’t due to covid.”


Q: What was your least favorite memory?

A: “When we had to take tests the first week of school. It was so grueling and annoying.”


Q: What makes you smile?

A: “Getting to see my grandparents, they live in a different state so I rarely see them, but its always nice when I do.”


Q: What was the first day of school like?

A: “It was really scary. I’ve never experienced something like classes where I had to move around before. I started running around trying to find classes.”


Q: What is your favorite activity?

A: “Playing baseball or basketball. They were super fun when I was younger and I still play them to today.”

Q: What was your favorite moment with your friends?

A: “We had a birthday party and we went to an arcade as well. It was so fun, we played a lot of games, and we rode an indoor roller coaster.”


Q: What do you say to people who are just starting out?

A: “The second week of school you’re gonna be used to all the commotion and bustling of high school, so I say don’t worry too much.”


Q: What is your best story?

A: “Getting to go fishing with my grandpa. I didn’t catch anything but it was fun moving from lake to lake.”


Q: What was the scariest moment of your life?

A: “It was a dream. I was falling and it was super scary. When I hit the ground I woke up.”


Q: What’s your next step going forward? 

A: “Meeting more friends is my goal.”


Q: What was your most embarrassing moment?

A: “My shirt was inside out. It was so embarrassing, but then my dad pointed it out. It was a funny memory though.”