Humans of Laker Nation: Aaron Paul


Alex Poppink

Q: Who do you look up to and why?A: “I would say a role model of mine has actually been my Mom because my Dad has never been a good role model. Not like slandering him but you know my Mom worked, my Dad didn’t work. She was the person with good grades, my Dad was the D student in high school. He went through 11 years of college. But my Mom was good, she works. She’s a pharmacist. I want to become a pharmacist. I just look up to her, she’s responsible.”
Q: “What is your favorite memory in WBHS?A: “I don’t have a specific one, but I would say one of my favorites is in Bio 9. Not like a specific one but just all of Bio 9 because the teacher loved us. We always did our work and she would let us do whatever we [wanted] during class. We all sat wherever we wanted and just did whatever we wanted.”
Q: “Did you have any new relationships or friendships grow out of that class or was that mostly a bunch of old relationships?A: “No, I sat with [new people] in that class. I met [several friends of mine] in that class.”
Q: What would you say has been your biggest regret during high school?A: “Not doing enough extracurriculars. Not going to get accepted to college because of that. I have good grades and stuff, but I’m a white male from the suburbs.”
Q: What would you say to people just starting out at WBHS?A: “Take advantage of the resources. There are actually pretty good ones. And honestly don’t be afraid to take hard classes. Teachers are usually semi-understanding.”
Q: What is something that defines who you are?A: “My intelligence. Not to brag but I am pretty intelligent and I like that fact about me. Another thing that defines me [other than] my intelligence [is] lack of work ethic. That’s important.”
Q: What do you plan to do in the future?A: “I would like to go to Purdue for pharmacy. It’s a six-year course. [I’ll] do that and become a pharmacist. I don’t have plans after that.”
Q: Last question: What have you struggled with a lot within your life, and how did you overcome that struggle?
A: “Probably two things, one’s social, one’s school. For school, I struggled a lot with time management and focus. If I have a lot of work and I’m stressed out, I can’t focus on it, it just doesn’t help. Socially, this is more recent but I’ve not [exactly] been moving away from my old friends. I’m still keeping them, but I have new friends now too so I’m kind of split.”