Humans of Laker Nation: Geoffrey Giannetti


Alex Poppink

Q: Who do you look up to, and why?A: “I would say that I look up to my Dad. Because he has overcome a lot of stuff in his life. He’s had family problems. We’ve had family issues with me and him and my little brother. And he was able to come back from all of it as a better person. And he is just an admirable person and someone that I love very dearly.”
Q: What is your favorite memory with your friends?A: “Well one time, all of us, this was a couple of years ago. We went to Zap Zone. We were like the oldest people there. We were just messing around the whole time, and it was just a really fun time you know. You just get to hang out with your friends, and have fun and do whatever you want. You don’t really have to worry about anything else.”
Q: What has been your biggest regret?A: “My biggest regret, is probably, not being honest with myself about my feelings in general. And, it wasn’t until recently that I started opening up to people, that are closer to me to try and help me better myself. And as a result, you know I’m a lot happier and I feel like there were times that I was really sad that I could’ve avoided if I were just honest with myself about my feelings and told everybody how I felt. Just about everything that was going on during that time.”
Q: What do you plan to do next in life?A: “So next in life, is college obviously. Then hopefully from there, I go to Quantico or something. I haven’t exactly ironed out all the details. But my career choice is a forensic psychologist. Like a behavioral analyst. That’s kinda what I want to do next in life is get a degree, and you know start working for the police and, just hope I end up doing what I love. And probably you know to start a family, too.”
Q: The last thing I’m gonna ask you is, what would you say to people just starting out at West Bloomfield High School?
A: “I would say, definitely don’t make the same mistakes I did. Junior year, when we were all online, I started slacking a lot. I would definitely say to just, you know keep your, … And I suffer the consequences for it, you know. Like I didn’t do as well on my SAT’s or my AP tests as I wanted to. So I just say you know, stay strong just stay focused, do your work. And at the same time try not to overload yourself too much. Cause before last year, I really struggled with that. So the key is just sort of finding a balance between work, and yourself.”