Humans of Laker Nation: Gabby Williams


Gabby is on the Girls Basketball team and loves it so much.

Amaris Shockley

Q: What brought you to West Bloomfield?

A: “There are a few things that brought me to West Bloomfield and one of them was that they have really good athletic programs for basketball and track which are both sports that I do. Also, their steam program. I really like it because it’s towards the concept I like which has to do with engineering and science and technology.”


Q: Where did you go to school before?

A: “I used to go to Walnut Creek Middle School.”


Q: How is this school compared to the other school?

A: “This school, compared to my last school, is a lot better. It’s a lot more diverse and it offers a lot more classes that I’m interested in like the steam program.”


Q: What interests you at this school?

A: “I’m really interested in the basketball team and their program and, you know, doing that for a full 4 years because I want to get a scholarship and I’m really interested in their steam program because when I go to college and my job in the near future, I want a job with technology since that’s what the world is transitioning to.”

She is generally into many sports and the gym was said to be a home to her. She
has a goofy side of course.

Q: What about basketball do you love?

A: “What I love about basketball is being able to have a good work ethic and work a part of a team and reach the goal to win, and it just feels like being a part of something bigger. And with engineering, I just love using my hands to make stuff or designing and just creating stuff and coming up with different things. And, you know, being really imaginative.”

Basketball girls work very hard and need a break for water once in a while.

Q: What’s a career idea you have for your future?

A: “I’ve changed my career ideas a lot but for one time I wanted to be a biomedical engineer; it’s like 

prosthetic robotic arms for people who might have lost limbs. But also, I was thinking about, like, some type of app designer or graphic design or something in that area.”


Q: How do you plan to strive to achieve those goals?

A: “As far as what I’m doing to strive for that goal is taking the classes here because they offer a lot of 

classes that can lead to that type and getting good grades in those classes so then maybe a college will look at me and look at the grades I got in those areas. Also, using basketball to get a scholarship to be able to go to college. And take those classes I want to take.”


Q: What college do you want to go to?

A: “I haven’t thought of a specific college yet, but I look into colleges like Lawernce Tech, and they have a really good program for engineering.”