Humans of Laker Nation: Chase Smith


Sage Williams

Q: What is your favorite memory of West Bloomfield High School?
A: “I like the beginning of the year going outside in the courtyard to eat lunch.”

Q: Why do you like eating in the courtyard?
A: “Because it’s really fun and gives me a break from the schoolwork.”

Q: What is your least favorite memory?
A: “Um, I don’t like all the homework. It kind of gets annoying but I have to do it.”

Q: What’s your favorite class and your least favorite class?
A: “My favorite class is ceramics because I like playing with the clay, my least favorite is econ because it’s very hard.”

Q: What was your first day of ninth grade like?
A: “Um, fun. It was a lot coming from an online school, but it was cool.”

Q: What makes you smile?
A: “Um my friends! They are the ones that always make me happy.”

Q: That’s great! What is your favorite activity?
A: “I like to dive, I’m going to be doing the dive team for West Bloomfield.”

Q: Why is dive your favorite?
A: “Because I used to do gymnastics, it’s kind of easy for me, and it’s just really fun and I’m excited to start it next week.”

Q: What did you not like about gymnastics?
A: “I did not like how busy the schedule was. I would have to be gone every night for four hours.”

Q: What would you say to people just starting out at West Bloomfield Highschool?
A: Definitely, don’t get on your teacher’s bad side, and make a lot of friends.

Q: What’s your best story?
A: “I found a 100 dollar bill in the park once.”

Q: * What was the scariest story in your life?
A: “When I went on a roller coaster.”

Q: What was your most embarrassing moment?
A: “When my mom was looking at my grades last card marking.”

Q: What’s your biggest regret up to date?
A: “Not studying hard enough for tests.”

Q: Who do you look up to?
A: “My sister because she got into a good college.”

Q: What was your biggest learning experience.
A: “Getting an F on the econ test and realizing you really have to study for that class.”