Humans of Laker Nation: Simone Wright


Sophia Wright

Q: What is your favorite high school event? Why?

A: “The orchestra MSBOA festival because it’s really fun and we get to compete in front of judges and we have gotten the first rating so many times, usually I go out to eat with my friends to celebrate afterward.”

Q: What are your plans after high school?

A: “I might go to med school at Wayne State University or I might go to Oakland or MSU so I can study finances.”

Q: What kind of sports or extracurricular activities do you do?

A: “I go to Roosevelt and I participate in the mentorship program there. I play with the kids in kids club for an hour.”

Q: What advice would you give to people just starting at WBHS?

A: “I would say to not be afraid to talk to people because I made a lot of new friends who I didn’t know before high school.”

Q: What is your biggest regret in high school?

A: “My biggest regret is not taking APUSH sophomore year of high school because I heard that it’s a really easy class.”

Q: What is your worst high school experience?

A: “My worst experience is probably being in  AP Physics c, this year it’s really bad and the class average is a 58% on the test.”

Q: How did you feel as a freshman on the first day of school?

A: “I was really excited to meet new people but I was also scared because I didn’t know if people would like me.”

Q: Who do you look up to the most, why?

A: “I look up to my dad, he is really cool and he is always motivated to start new projects and I wish to be like him when I’m older.”

Q: Do you feel confident in your future?

A: “I do feel confident, even though I don’t really know what I want to do yet I know that I will find my way.”