Humans of Laker Nation: Kylie Harmala


Rylie Schell

Q: What has been your favorite part about WBHS as a whole?A: “It would have to be all of the different organizations that I can be a part of, which is like- the throwing team, basketball, band, Mrs. Williamson’s class, I LOVE being a part of Spectrum. I love it so much.”
Q: How would you describe your time at WBHS as a junior?A: “It’s definitely a lot more work than freshman and sophomore year, especially with SATs and testing, but I think it’s cool being an upperclassman. I think school is more fun as an upperclassman, especially like the pep rallies and such.”
Q: What is something you would tell people coming into WBHS or high school as a whole?A: “Oh for sure, get involved. Period. Find something you love, and if you don’t think you love something just- find something, and be a part of it, because there’s nothing worse than getting to your junior/senior and realizing you haven’t pushed yourself, or you haven’t found a group of people you can connect with outside of your friends.”
Q: What programs at the school have you participated in?A: “I’ve participated in the basketball team, multiple in-school bands- jazz band, pit band, symphony wind ensemble, marching. All that fun stuff, and also throwing, shot put and discus, track and field team, and SkillsUSA!”
Q: Which of those would you say you’re the most involved in?A: “Definitely band, I am- between honor band, marching, jazz, pit, and school band. Most of my life is spent in that classroom. Mostly good stuff, it’s a good time.”
Q: How would you say the basketball team has affected your time at WBHS?A: “I definitely think that going into my freshman year, because we practiced over the summer, I met a lot of upperclassmen and a lot of seniors, and that was really good because I knew more people who knew their way around the school- and I remember kind of getting lost my first day, and someone on the team, one of the seniors at the time, helped me find my class. It was really nice having people I could reach out to for help with stuff like getting around the school, having been around them for the summer.”
Q: When did your passion for basketball start?A: “It started in 5th grade, in an intramural girl’s basketball clinic, I was terrible. I was the worst person in that gym. I was on the wrong side of the court to be on, it was horrible. It was humiliating for me and my parents, but for some reason, I just decided that I loved it. Even though I didn’t know any of the rules, I thought it was fun. And I continued with it from there.”
Q: What would you consider your greatest achievement at WBHS?A: Some of my greatest achievements have definitely been in the band, I’ve definitely put a lot of time into, you know, getting the band where it is. I know we’ve been through a lot of different directors and stuff like that. I’ve committed a lot of time to making the band a safe space. I’ve put a lot that I have into it, and I’m really proud of what I’ve done to keep the program as it is.”
Q: How do you think you’ll use your hobbies and interests going forward?A: I” definitely plan to do band in college, I for sure want to go to a school that offers marching band, going into something music-related for my education. I’ve also thought that if I can’t go into a bigger school, going to a smaller school and throwing discus or shot put in college is alternatively something I’d really want to do.”