Humans of Laker Nation: Arthur Yang


Rylie Schell

Q: How would you describe your time at WBHS as a senior?

A: “So far this is my most stressful but also my best year so far.”

Q: What’s been your favorite part about WBHS as a whole?

A: “I think being able to meet new friends, getting to know new people, getting the invitation to join new clubs, activities, whatnot.”

Q: What is something you would tell to people coming into WBHS or high school in general?

A: “Don’t be afraid, it’s a very open-minded and welcoming environment. So don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone around you.”

Q: What’s something you’re passionate about?

A: “I’ve always been passionate about the piano, like I’ve played piano for not only 11 years but daily, almost every single day.”

Q: What programs do you participate in piano with?

A: “I’ve participated in the jazz band from freshman to senior year and I’ve participated in spring pit for two years, as well as winter percussion for one season. I’ve also helped the choir in some of their concerts.”

Q: Is there anything about yourself you’d like to tell people that you think is interesting?

A: “Honestly I’m not too sure, other than what people know about me from around the high school.”

Q: You’ve stuck with the band program since freshman year, how would you say being in the band program has affected you?

A: “It’s really gotten me to be more open-minded towards people. It’s gotten me to be more social. Much more, you know? Outgoing. Like before I was afraid to talk to people because- I was always afraid of the seniors and that I would be made fun of as the new freshman student. But getting to be in the marching band has really helped me to gain those social skills that have carried me through my whole life.”

Q: What would you call your greatest achievement?

A: “Winning Mr. WB, for sure.”

Q: What makes you smile?

A: “Cats of any kind really, or a really cute dog breed. I mean, they’re all cute, but dogs aren’t as much.”

Q: What’s your next step going forward?

A: “Right now I really want to continue this passion for music. I want to, you know, develop this passion and maybe make it into something financial, a source of income. Right now if I’m not able to do that then my next best option is going into the field of data science at UFM. That’s my second best option, but my best option, if I can, is to make my passion for music into not only a hobby but a form of financial support.”