Aladdin, an elementary adventure


The Children’s Show of West Bloomfield High School (WBHS) was an interesting and different experience for actors and viewers. This year, the theater program presented “Aladdin” to the elementary set.  Perry Quarker, Sophomore sated, ” It is a completely different experience. You don’t know how the kids will react. It is unpredictable.” Before the show even started there was tons of excitement from the children. A few were blown away by the set and some just from being at the high school.  The crew got all the students whooping and clapping just before the show started. There were no empty seats that day. The play started and there was talk of a dancing monkey and just the mention of one had the entire auditorium laughing. The children reacted during high and low points, yelling things laughing and giving advice to characters. The play itself was amazing to watch, and the fact that they completed it in one week was incredible. One cast member stated, ” It was a lot of fun because everything happened so fast. You basically get the experience of a show in one week,” Anya Miller, freshman. It was funny to teens and even adults even though it is geared towards children. Even the work behind the scenes is completely different.   Crew member, Brenna Birr, sophomore, said, ” Its fun, ya know we get to do a lot of our own ideas. ”  Another crew member,  Bayley Dungy, sophomore, added, ” It’s really fun, you get to see what you made on stage.” It was a hit with all the students.  Zora B’sheart, a second grader from Doherty, said, “It was funny and made me laugh!  A lot!”  Proceeds from the show are directed to the MIFA company of WBHS as well as the WBHS Children’s Fund