To Kill a Mocking Bird


The fall play this year was To Kill a Mocking Bird. It was well adapted from the book, the only difference was the focus. This play was more oriented around the court case than Boo Radley. Because of this Atticus becomes more of the main character. The play was well casted and all of the actors did amazingly  in portraying these characters. The play emphasis all of the main points from the book and makes it very clear what the message is. The sets were amazing and they looked just like a small town. The extras in the court senses were just as interesting as the main cast, they looked and acted in ways that made the story feel all the more real. There were a few monologues but they were needed to give the viewer information that could be given no other way. The final scenes were appropriately dark. The complete darkness of some scenes were very well used because they helped make the viewer see things the way the characters did and added the confusion of the scene. The play was extremely good and it did the book justice.