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WBHS Ski Team

Adrian Oliver skiing at past competition

Adrian Oliver

Adrian Oliver skiing at past competition

The ski team seems to have had a wonderful start to the season, from the weather to their competitors. Not only has their actually been snow fall this year, the members this team are ecstatic about their roles and competitive edge.  They had their first proud race on January the 15th. Their season consisted of  races on the 23rd and 3oth of January and the 4th, and 6th of February. On the 6th was this years Divisionals race and on the 12th was Regionals, which were  a huge deal for the WB Ski Team.

Senior, Brody Berry at Ski race
Senior, Brody Berry at Ski race


The West Bloomfield High School Winter Ski team consists of seniors:  Alexa Applefield, Brody Berry, Rudy Borland, Chris Chiaravalli, Max Goldman, Adrian Oliver, Tori Stark; juniors: Sabrina Brogniart, Brooke Desposato,  and Brendan Gimby; sophomores: Perri Appelfield, Blair Sakwa,  Courtney McGinnis; freshman:  Kyle Crane, Nathan Kinner, Anisha Konkipudi, Hannah McCabe and Justin Weiss.

As for their practices, this diverse team of skiers have their practice every day of the week except for Fridays, and the locations they practice at vary. The price to compete and partake in this sport may not be cheap, but definitely worth the pay.

The experiences and skills obtained from such a sport can range from calculation to honing precise motor skills, control is a main factor in this sport; without control, their can be no maintaining your destination, nor whether it will be a safe one either. Good job so far WB Ski, keep up the good work.

“Our team work has been good,” states senior, Adrian Oliver. Senior, Chris Chiaravalli adds that the season is, “pretty good. Better than last year.”


Past  matches with results included:

Jan., 15th – Girls: Loss and Boys: Ahead of SLS and behind Walled Lake Northern

Jan., 23rd -Girls: Loss and Boys: Tied with Walled Lake Central, but with added scores from Slalom Ski, WB won

Jan., 30th -Girls: Lost against LHS and won against Novi and Boys: Loss

Feb., 4th -Girls: Win and Boys: Win

Feb., 6th (Divisionals)  – Girls: 8th place and Boys: 6th place out of nine teams.

and Regionals (Wednesday, Jan. 12th) – Girls got third to last and Boys got fifth to last.


The Ski Team at most recent competition
The Ski Team at a competition

Good job WBHS ski team and you guys showed a lot of hard work.