Let It Snow

Snow storms in WB add to vacation, what did you do?


The 2013-2014 winter break becomes longer due to snow storms in the Metro Detroit area. West Bloomfield High School students celebrate all over social media due to the five snow days that were added onto their break.  The students and teachers of the West Bloomfield School District were treated to an extra long break with snow days on January 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 7th. The next school week would be  held Wednesday, January 8th to Friday, January 10th.  This record of snow days continued with a sixth snow day on Tuesday January, 21 2014.

The school district’s extracurricular activities were also put on hold for the school’s administration did not want any harm to come to the students. Safety does come first. Although, students continue to wish for more snow days this week, while other schools in the Metro Detroit area are closing the rest of the week. But how long can a school district have snow days before it impedes on other breaks and even summer vacation? Not only were the roads horrible for driving, but also the temperature dropped to almost below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This drastic weather also affected local colleges and Oakland Early College (O.E.C.).

When talking to a few of the administration, teachers and students of WBHS and O.E.C., Spectrum was able to hear many views on the re-accruing snow fall,  how they spent their extended vacation from school, and what conflicts might have occurred due to the snow.

Alex Plantus a third year at OEC (equivalent to a Junior) states, “I think it’s fantastic, I feel a little bad for the teachers who have to re-plan and such, but I’m relieved that I don’t have to drive 30 miles to school on these roads.” She also adds that, We have conflicts with figuring out college and such. Like we found out we have OEC off but we still have to check for OCC (Oakland Community College).” She also states that  she go to ‘sit and rest up because I was sore from snowboarding and had some quality chill time with my little sister. Also got some stuff done around the house.”

WBHS Students inform Spectrum of how they spent their wonderful snow days:

It was day to finally relax. I sat in a onesie and watched 8 movies in a row, plus a Lord of the Rings marathon.”

— Senior, Birtney Birr

Junior Tara Naoum states, “I slept and watched movies and TV shows on Netflix.” and “I couldn’t leave the house, because it was such bad weather my mom did not want me to drive.”

“I played Hockey and swam, a lot. Oh and I almost died putting gas in my car because it was so cold,” says, Senior, Kellen Boyd.

“Sadly, I was able to get work done that was not a priority over break. I spent days shoveling, but it allowed me to sleep in,” Ms. Law states.

Mrs. Ismail states, “I checked papers, lab and worked on a hybrid class I’m going to be starting. Also I spent time with my kids, we played back gamin, chess and made smoothies.”

I caught up on missing assignments and watched a lot of television. I also played a lot of video games ad memorized lines of MIFA.”

— Sophomore, Jackson Abohasira

Mr. Smith informs, “I relaxed and did nothing, except trying not to freeze.”

Senior, Emily Edwards states, “I spent a few days playing my guitar.”

I kinda just hung out. It was really nice to have an extra break because school was getting to be a lot”

— Sophomore, Rielly Card