The Fault in Our Stars Trailer Recap


Every once in a while there comes a teenage novel that sweeps a generation. These books touch readers, gain fans, and build communities. Once the book is established as a modern classic, the movie adaptation is sure to come. First looks at book to movie adaptations are always explosive- especially when the book already has a lot of hype and expectation from fans.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green was published in January 2012 and became a #1 New York Times bestseller. Some of this success can be attributed to John Green’s online presence with the YouTube channel he runs with his brother called “vlogbrothers.” The Fault in Our Stars is a story told by sixteen year old Hazel Grace Lancaster who has cancer. She meets Augustus Waters at a cancer recovery group and they subsequently fall in love. The first look at the movie adaptation for The Fault in Our Stars debuted on January 31st, 2014. The movie stars Shailene Woodley as Hazel and newcomer Ansel Elgort as Augustus Waters.

As a fan of the series, the trailer was very satisfying. What I love the most about the novel is the quick-witted humor and personalities of Hazel and Augustus, and this was not lost in the trailer. Shailene Woodley proves she can take on this heavy role, and Ansel Elgort (who I was most excited to see- as Augustus is my favorite character) perfectly captures Augustus’ charisma and sweetness in every word he says. I also appreciate how “un-Hollywood” this movie seems. By this I mean that they did not glamorize the tough subject matter by casting unrealistically beautiful people to portray these teenagers. A lot of times upcoming popular films will cast the “next hunky actor” instead of being realistic or casting for talent. Also, the fact that Hazel’s oxygen tank and disability is so prominent is very important.

tfios movie still 2 - gus hazel amsterdam

There are many iconic book moments in the trailer too. There are direct quotes from the book, a glimpse at the unforgettable “literal heart of Jesus” setting, Hazel reading a book- most likely her favorite novel An Imperial Affliction (which plays a large role in the novel and to her character), Hazel and Augustus sitting on the highly-metaphorical swingset, and even the backdrop of Amsterdam.  So far, it seems that details will not be glanced over and the movie will be true to the novel’s core.

Overall, it is clear that this film is going to be a real tearjerker just from the trailer- and the trailer did not even display the real emotional part from the novel. It is becoming one of the most anticipated films of 2014. Fans are excited, and John Green himself is happy with it. John Green tells Entertainment Weekly, “It’s difficult to say to people, ‘go see this movie that’s about sick kids—you’re going to have a really good time’… but you are. I think the answer is to make something that, even when it’s sad, is not depressing. The great thing about the trailer is that you emerge from watching it feeling invigorated and encouraged. And hopefully excited.”  The Fault in Our Stars hits theaters June 6th,2014

Are you excited for The Fault in Our Stars? Comment below with your thoughts on the book, the trailer, or the upcoming movie!