African American Awareness Club


My location is not my destination

The African American Awareness Club (AAA) offers students the opportunity of learning more about black history. It gives students another side of history that they do not often learn about in their classrooms. The African American Awareness Club is a club where everyone is welcome no matter what race or ethnicity a student may be. Meetings are every third Thursday in the month in Laker Commons. Meetings sometimes occur in Joshua Johnson’s room, staff advisor. The senior board members are Taylor Brown, president, Yazymn Cross, vice president, Deja Green, public relations, Kasey Brown, secretary, Sara Nirenberg, community service, and Kaylyn Sanford, treasure. Senior members include Hope Jefferson, Akunna Amadi and Llyell Smikle. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and encouraged to be themselves. When asked about AAA, Kasey Brown stated, “It helped bring down racial tensions throughout the school by giving African Americans an outlet to discuss problems they were having and providing solutions to deal with those problems. Also, teaching our peers about African American culture and community allowed them to learn more about their student body and understand where they are coming from, which in turn, diminished some racist assmuptions that may have been associated with African Americans.” The African American Awareness Club’s last big event was promoting Black History month. This includes adding a black history fact to the announcements and in the process of setting up a movie showing  that showcases the history of African Americans.





Kaylyn Sanford, Taylor Brown, Deja Green, Kasey Brown, Sara Nirenberg