What Are You Doing For Valentine’s Day?


People all over the world have different plans for February 14. Spectrum surveyed some students. Their answers are below: 

Laker Express is sending out song grams.”

— Lamont Davis, 12


It’s also my birthday weekend, so I’m going up to State.”

— Briana Benge, 12


Eating ice cream and watching the Notebook.”

— Kaylyn Sanford, 12

I will probably go out to dinner and go go-kart racing or Airtime.”

— Kasey Brown, 12



— Audrey Goldstein, 12


I am going out to dinner with my valentine.”

— Cortez Graham, 12

Hanging out with my girlfriend Maddi Ishbia.”

— Blake Bruseloff, 12

Sitting at home watching movies.”

— Shania Patrick, 9