Six word stories revisted


During the first semester of the 2013-2014 school year I wrote an article exploring the concept of six word stories, which is the attempt to write a full story with only six words. The concept originating from Ernest Hemingway and a bet with a colleague where Hemingway made the claim that he could write a meaningful story in only six words. Last semester we had multiple students from Ms. B’sheart’s beginning writing¬†for publication class submit their own attempts at this style of writing, and this semester ¬†again asked a new class of writers to add their attempts for you to enjoy. If you would like to submit your own stories I encourage you to submit your own in the comments section below, all of us here in spectrum look forward to seeing what you can come up with.


Looking over, thousands below, one dump. (Clark Dillon, 12th)

One year later; strangers with memories… (Rachael Harnish, 11th)

Came home. Saw dad’s uniform. Tears (Alice Wilson, 10th)

Mother. Child. Love. Usually, not always. (Starr Walker, 12th)

Evil cat army takes over Walmart. (Ashley Thoms, 9th)

Before laughter at table. Now, none. (Amina Sharif, 9th)

Downward spiral. Self harm. Discovered. Help. (Maddi Ruiter, 9th)

That love was forever; forever short. (Andrew Rockett, 10th)

Love thy neighbor… Gay? Never mind. (Bridgid Orowe 10th)

Cigars, liquor, suits, gangsters, roaring 20s. (Kameron Mio, 10th)

He found his wife; with another. (Javon Johnson, 9th)

Razor. Blood on flower sheets. Secret. (Maddelyn Husic, 9th)

Early mornings. Late nights. State champions. (Will Hobbs, 12th)

Parents happy. College. Unhappy. Quits. Disappointed. (Tiffeny Gripper, 11th)

Slowly slipping into darkness; help me. (Alison Goldstein, 10th)

Wars destroy families. So does suicide. (Bilal Ahmed, 10th)