Seniors Sing Their Hearts Out

Laker Express Says Gioodbye


Laker Express for many years has proved that you do not need instruments to make beautiful music. West Bloomfield High School’s Laker Express is an exclusive choir class that requires an audition to get into. Laker Express is head by Mrs. Sheryl Hauk, West Bloomfield High School’s choir teacher. It is a 20 member vocal jazz acapella choir. The seniors in Laker Express this year include Erin Ben-Moche, Sreekant Oak, Nick Kisse, Lamont Davis, Claire Joliffe, Joey Asker, Zachary Levine, Bailey Kadian, Ameerah Shakoor, Alex Birkinsha, and Erin Pouncy.   This year the seniors of Laker Express accomplished a lot. Lamont Davis and Ameerah Shakoor received an “excellent” at the 2014 District Solo/Enemble State. Ameerah Shakoor was alsoa Disney Jazz Celebration Outstanding Soloist. The group as a whole qualified for MYAF, the Michigan Youth Arts Festival.

“This year we accomplished a lot. We sang at the capital in Lansing and we also are singing at MYAF on May 8th,” says Pouncy. She also comments on the awards the group won, “We got a superior at Choral Festival.”

Kisse was also proud of the accomplishments of Laker Express, and also is excited for MYAF, “We made their jazz ensemble so we are going to be doing the ending of their opening ceremony, as well as we made it to State Solo and Ensamble and won Superior as Districts.”

Laker Express performs an array of different songs through the school year- from greatest hits to classic choir pieces. Spectrum asked a few of the seniors for their favorite song that they performed. Kisse says, “I liked them all so much I just couldn’t pick one.” Ben-Moche says, “Rosanna or At Last. It is a tie between those two.”

The seniors of Laker Express all agree that it is a close knit group. Ben-Moche commnets, “I am going to miss the friendships I made because I have been with these people for a couple of years now.” Kisse adds, “I will miss the people. It is also a humbling experience being led my Mrs. Hauk.”