Speech Never Sounded So Good

WBHS’s Forensics Club Speaks Volumes


The Forensics Club of West Bloomfield High School has accomplished some great things. The Forensics Club  includes theater as well as various aspects of debate and speech. All of this is in a competition format. The club is headed by Mr. Joel Thursam, an English teacher at West Bloomfield High School. The seniors in Forensics include Douglas Husic, Jason Pauli, Anushka Sarkar, Saheli Gosh, Benjamin Lin, Ian Belger, Alejandro Miranda, Robbie Pluta, Rachel Hirsch, and Lauren Kavner.

This year Forensics only grew, it gained new members and students reached new heights in competitions. Senior Pauli commented, “We were able to make the team a lot more than it was last year. Last year we only had four people competing in three individual  pieces, this year we have a lot more people.”  Husic adds, “We are a much bigger team than we were last year. I personally wasn’t a part of it last year, but this year we grew from about four students to about fifteen students competing in tournaments.”

The Forensics Club met after school, and traveled to various schools to compete on weekends. Competitions work by members entering a room with about six or seven people who are competing in the same category. Competitors must try to get the highest ranking or score in a category.

Pauli himself was proud of his accomplishments sharing, “First tournament I ended up being able to  break into semis- I didn’t get into finals but I was very excited just to break into semis. Next tournament I was able to make it all the way to second place, one point away from first. When I got to go to states, I was in awe. When I got third at states, I thought I might have been dreaming. When I was asked to preform at the night of champions at the Grand Hotel I was sure I was dreaming, and when I got first in prose at Mackinac I knew I didn’t want to wake up.” Husic also spoke of the various accomplishments made by students. He tells Spectrum, “We had various accomplishments with students making into the finals of competitions. Anushka Sarkar won first place in oratory at her first tournament. I made it to fifth place in impromptu at my first tournament. Jason Pauli and Ben Lin made it to semifinals in that tournament.”

When asked what these seniors will miss about Forensics, Pauli tells Spectrum, “All the great people I have been meeting at tournaments and the good times I’ve had with all of my teammates. Douglas especially, Kyle, Ben Lin, and everybody.” Husic shares, “Probably the people the most. All the friends that I’ve made through it… the interactions I’ve made with people.” Pluta also raved about the club, “Forensics was loads of fun. At competitions you get to hang out with all your friends and people from other schools who are all just so talented.”

The future of the Forensics Club is bright, especially thanks to the Class of 2014 members who have helped start and establish this program at West Bloomfield High School.