Roomies- Campus Cohabitating

Love them, Hate them, you still gotta live with them


With going to college comes moving out. Most people haven’t had a roommate before and below is some advice on how to manage living with your first roommate.

1. Living with your best friend is a no go

That way you can have some space and not have to spend every second with them. Also living with a person puts new strains on a friendship that may damage it.

2. Define clean

Set what you want the house to be like. And make a organized plan to keep it that way.

3. Speak up.

If something bothers you say so, just do it nicely.

4. Have reasonable expectations.

Realize no one is perfect and it inst your job to fix them.

5. Have clear boundaries and understand whose stuff is whose.

Confusion is bad, make sure you say what is yours and understand what is not.

6. Respect your roommates stuff

If you don’t want people touching your stuff, don’t touch theirs.

7. Think about and be respectful about who you bring to your place.

Its not just you who lives there. You need to think about if they have plans or are trying to study.

8. Be ready to compromise.

You can not have everything your way and so you should expect to make compromises

9. Communicate

Communication is key with any kind of relationship. If you don’t tell someone you are upset then they wont know.