They’re Going, They’re Going, They’re Gone!

The Last Pitch for Senior Lakers

Theyre Going, Theyre Going, Theyre Gone!

With years of hard work, dedication and hours on the field, this year’s graduating seniors have a lot to be proud of as they set their gloves down and clean off their cleats for the last time. “I’ve been playing baseball all my four years” says right and left fielder Nick Basel. This was his second year on varsity at the high school and he states that he’s loved being on the team all his four years. Most seniors on varsity, such as players like Zach Oshinsky, Kevin Doherty, and Jacob Sidel have all joined the varsity team in their second year with the program.

The road to success is not all that easy to travel. “The hardest part is probably dealing with games in the rain,” says Basel as he spoke of all the added difficulties of playing baseball under less than ideal conditions. “It adds another level of difficulty” says Basel. Still the players, rain or shine, for four years have come out onto the field and pushed their arms and legs to the physical limits all for the love of the game and admiration to their teammates.

“The best experience so far has been coming together as a team” says first baseman Doherty. Most of the seniors had something to say about the importance of teamwork within the program. “We are all in it for one goal of being the best we can be,” says  Basel. “The support we show for each other on and off the field is the most meaningful of all.”