Mechanics, Battles and Goodbyes

Robotics Seniors Built Memories

This year was another good and successful year for the WBHS Robotics team, and once again they say goodbye to their graduating seniors. Some of the most prominent seniors of the Robotics team/club include Alexis Cannella, Joshua Greer, Joshua Trate, and Ryan Bloom. The Robotics team is divided into two divisions for the two different seasons that take place, so the people involved in the Robotics club change throughout the year, however the listed seniors were involved in both and have been for 3-4 years. It is a wonderful experience that teaches so much to these students. “Robotics has taught me how to work with other people on a technical approach to a project. One of the hardest things to really learn is to contribute ideas to a team, but also being able to recognize that there are better ideas being presented,” states Trate. He adds, “I think this is a lot of practical experience for engineering or a technical field, because you gotta learn how to do that and being able to work with others on projects is a valuable real world skill.” Many of theses students are heading into a future that centers around mechanics, engineering, and technical aspects. Through this organization at WBHS these seniors have formed a handful of new abilities, memories and friendships. Many thanks are sent to the WBHS teacher in charge, Mr. Francis Muylaert.