Au Revoir

Seniors in the French Club say goodbye to years of international culture


The French Connection, sponsored by West Bloomfield High School French teacher Madame Lorig Coe, has been around for many years at WBHS giving students many chances to explore more deeply into the world of French culture, giving them a fuller experience than just what the class has to offer. Every year the French Connection says goodbye to a group of leaving seniors. This year the graduating seniors are Anushka Sarkar, Lana Sharba, Chloe Pan and Zarmina Amin. “French club has taught me an appreciation for the French culture as a whole, and has given me a more global perspective on holidays, religious practices, and cuisine,” state Sarkar. Sarkar also adds that, “I’d like to give Madame Coe a shout out for being the only reason I continued taking French, she’s the best.” Good luck seniors in all that you do.