Off to a New Rink


Though the year was a bit rocky for West Bloomfield’s Hockey team, the seniors in the 20130-2014 season have really pulled through. The Hockey coach, Joseph Chagnon ,Abbott Middle School Science teacher, commented on the senior’s performance this season,” The 2013-2014 Varsity Hockey team was led by two amazing young men.  Connor Schram, JJ Bloom and Evan Root led the team through a rebuilding year with plenty of underclassmen under their wings.  Highlights of the year would include winning the Oiler Invitational in Mt. Pleasant, MI as well as defeating our cross town rival Bloomfield Hills in the regular season finale.  Evan Root and Connor Schram were relentless in their determination and work ethic, no matter what the outcome was on the scoreboard.  The team will be looking for new leaders moving forward and their legacy will not be forgotten.” With the support of these seniors the team is moving towards success. Ian McDonald, sophomore, commented on the seniors’ leadership over the team,” They provided people to look up to and for the underclassman to model themselves after. They never took a day off and led the team in every way possible.”  The seniors support has made an impression on all the underclassmen and the team for a long time to come.