Linking the School Together

Seniors of the link program continue to make a difference


The LINK program can sometimes fly under the radar, but this year they made an impression. The absolutely amazing flash mob was organized by Emily Hubbard, senior. The Thanks Giving Turkey was also organized by seniors. They played minute to win it games and are in the middle of a Coins for Camp fundraiser. Nicole Pilkins, West Bloomfield High School Special Education teacher commented on the seniors, “We have had some really amazing seniors for two to three years.” Rayia Kan, sophomore, stated, “They are more experienced than I am. They were my role models and I looked up to them.”  The seniors helped others learn so many skills and Pilkins explained how the seniors themselves have grown from this program,” The class is so different from your typical class, it’s a little bit more set up like a college class. Because you come in and sign in and you’re held accountable for being out in other classes. Most students say it has changed their view of students with disabilities, and kind of people in general. It has created patience, a lot of understanding, it equips students to go out into the world and understand that not everyone is the same.” The Link program has helped build the seniors just as much as the seniors have helped build the class.  Senior links include Briana Benge, Adaija Packnet, Robert Powell II, Marsae Price, Marissa Ramsey, Chris Watkins, Akunna Amadi, Adriana Baylerian, Taylor Farrell, Mariah Greathouse, Emily Hubbard, Sabrina Kharsa, Paige Neeb, Zariah Perkins, Ashley Rhudy, Hope Jefferson, Sarah Miller, Samantha Rothe, Justice Stafford, Alex Bayer, Ross Bahro, Josh Birnberg, Marcus Brooks, Nic Clark, Bethani Dunlap, De’Anna Gamble, Brittany Jenkins, Lauren Lesniak, Armoni McClellan, Alison Zywicki and Gabrielle Hunter.